BSM Development can apply our extensive experience designing and developing client/server systems, plus our familiarity with large systems, networking and databases to your Web development project. We have produced software for high-demand, critical Web services (e.g. a major search engine) so we are completely at ease building the kind of ultra-reliable software necessary to process the huge transaction flows found in the most demanding Web applications.

To have BSM Development assist you with any of your Web applications, please contact BSM Development and describe how you think we can help you, along with your contact information. We can handle the entire project for you through collaboration with one of our favorite Web design firms or we can work with your design house to build the critical, underlying software for your Web application.

If you think about it, the advent of the Web has heralded a marvelous advance for applications of all sorts. Every desktop now has a browser on it which is capable of rendering the most sophisticated of user interfaces, complete with bitmapped graphics, animation, sound and a near-instantaneous connection to millions of servers around the world. Web site designers have unleashed their creativity to produce some beautiful looking applications. But, beautiful looking user interfaces only increase the requirements for their underlying, foundation software, since they raise the user's level of expectation. Implement your Web applications on shaky ground and you are asking for trouble.

BSM Development has, over time, developed and refined proven software development methodologies that can be applied to your Web application projects. We have deployed software comprising networked appliances, security systems, GUIs, servers and databases. All of this experience is particularly germane to creating the underlying software for your Web applications. We are well versed in all aspects of product development from concept to delivery, including management thereof and we apply these same tried and true techniques to Web application development. An examination of our turnkey development and design sections will illustrate the kinds of software development services we can supply.

We can step in at the very beginning of your Web application development project to carry out requirements gathering and turn your requirements into a set of features necessary to meet your design. We can specify an architecture that facilitates a robust implementation and that allows for future enhancements and growth. BSM Development can then implement the architecture and functionality on the target systems of your choice, working hand in glove with the Web site designer to produce a user interface that works seamlessly with the underlying software. If you wish to take advantage of our project management know-how, we can manage all of the phases necessary to design and deliver a complete Web application to you.

BSM Development can select a Web site designer from our partners and supply them with all of the details of the project, working closely with them to deliver your turnkey Web application. Already have a product design formulated or a Web site designer chosen? We can work with them too. Simply tell us what features you need implemented and we'll build them for you or put us in contact with your designer and we'll work with them to do the rest.

And, if you are in need of a set of tools that can be used to build good-looking, highly-functional Web sites, we can help you deploy the tools that we use, including our own set of controls and programming language wrappers.