BSM Development has experience in all phases of the software development life cycle and can assist you at any and all points in a product's journey from requirements and design through to the delivery and installation processes. If you would like us to carry out a turnkey software development project, please contact BSM Development and describe the product and the nature of the work that you'd like us to perform, along with your contact information.

One of the principals of BSM Development was responsible for the development of two complete products from requirements gathering through design and architecting to development, documentation and delivery. He created and maintained the design documentation, directed the development team and was responsible for a substantial amount of the system code. His purvey also included the automated installation tools that installed and configured the software on the end user's machine.

BSM Development has expertise in security, networking, Web-based and client-server based applications, porting and numerous operating systems. We have comprehensive experience with a diversity of software platforms including Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Linux, X-Windows, MS/DOS, Novell Netware, Unix, MVS and VMS.

Our knowledge of the hardware found in mainframes, minis, PCs and embedded systems and the underlying mechanisms thereof is intimate, including CPU internals, demand paging, memory subsystems, peripherals and special-purpose I/O devices such as A/D boards, video cameras, audio processors and external controllers.

We are extremely familiar with the workings and underpinnings of TCP/IP-, SMB- and IPX/SPX-based networks. Systems can be delivered that are written in C or C++, Java/Javascript, Perl/CGI, PHP or any of the many shell scripting languages, as well as assembler. Data that is generated by the software can be formatted using the HTML, XML, PDF, RTF formats or any one of a number of special tagging languages.

Our database and data storage expertise includes Informix, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Berkeley DB, DBM and Typhoon. We have implemented systems to store extremely large volumes of blobs (greater than 30,000,000) using the system file system, including management software to populate, search, mirror and backup the blob data store. We did work on a proprietary database (IDMS/R) that included data dictionary, relational engine and early work on implementing SQL, hence we are very familiar with database internals. This gives a definite advantage when building database applications.

In the past, BSM Development has developed and implemented software comprising networked appliances, security systems, Web applications, GUIs (applications and support layers), programming tools, communications and email products, servers, databases and operating systems. We are well versed in all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from concept to delivery and including management thereof.

Here is a partial list of some of the products that BSM Development has created over the years. This will give you an idea of the diversity of products that we can build and the complexity of the software that can be produced.

License Manager

This product was a server-based licensing manager that controlled the concurrent use of application licenses by networked workstations. It employed a database to track all of the information contained in a software license (including but not limited to manufacturer, number of copies, usage restrictions and suite membership). Upon request of a license by a workstation, the license, if available, was granted to that workstation. If unavailable, the license request was queued and notification was given when a license was freed.

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Version Control System

This product was a DOS/Windows/Unix-based version control system that provided all of the standard features of version control plus many other features that were ahead of their time, such as transparent archiving, branch merging and remote check in/out over the Internet.

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Document Manager

The Document Manager was a system used to acquire, automatically check for consistency and make repairs, QA, track and promote into production large volumes of documents for a multi-terabyte document library.

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