BSM Development has been involved in a number of telephone system installations in the past, from medium size PBXs with T1 trunks and hundreds of extensions, to key systems with eight to sixteen CO lines and sixty-four extensions to SOHO systems with as little as two CO lines and four extensions.

We can help you select a telephone system that meets your needs both for the present and to allow growth in the future. We have a firm understanding of the features offered by the various telephone systems and how they apply to a business' needs. Since selecting a telephone system is not a trivial decision and making a mistake has the potential to affect everyone who uses it, for a long time, on a daily basis, consulting with an expert before a purchase is made is a wise idea.

Once the system is on hand, we can install it as well as all of the field wiring necessary to support it, configure it and explain its use to the users. If an existing system is being replaced, we can bring the new system up in parallel and assure a smooth transition to it. We can set up the hunt groups and toll free lines with the telephone company and lay out the dialing tables to take advantage of local service and WATS.

BSM Development can also specify a voice mail system, integrate it with the telephone system and program it to ensure that it works flawlessly.

Want integration of your telephone system with computers and your network? Voice over IP? Want to run the latest version of Asterisk on your own, home-grown hardware? Want to cut down on wiring with PoE phones? Or run a mix of VOIP and standard POTS phones? Want to interconnect several PBXs over the Internet using VPN tunneling? We can take care of all that and more.