Do you need a server or other system configured for a special application or use? BSM Development can evaluate your application and help you select mother boards, processors, disks, memory, form factors and other hardware/physical parameters to meet all kinds of needs. We have years of experience addressing performance and tuning issues in a diverse array of high-performance, high-volume, rapid-response environments. Not to say that big iron is always our choice, though. We embrace non-traditional solutions too, when they provide an elegant answer to the question at hand.

Our unique understanding of all of the components in a system, along with the software and protocols that operate it, give us a thorough grasp of performance issues and the interaction between hardware and software which allows us to make the choices and trade-offs that lead to a system that performs reliably, provides good response time and is within budget.

There is an old saying in the business, "Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick any two." We can help you make your picks so that you get the system best suited for your needs, given your particular set of constraints. Who knows? We just might be able to pick all three.