In the discipline of software engineering, BSM Development can apply its knowledge of large systems, clients and servers, networking, ultra-reliable software, database and content management to your Web applications. We collaborate with our favorite Web design firms to bring you flawlessly integrated distributed and Web 2.0 applications that are efficient and robust. We can handle the entire project for you or we can, instead, work with your design house to build the critical, underlying software for your Web application.

Other BSM Development specialties are control systems including those with A/D and D/A capabilities, networked controls and embedded controllers and communications software for large and small networks. If you need to interface a computer to it or control it with a computer, we can handle it. If you need to network it, we're there for you. Clients, servers and real-time systems are our business and have been for decades.

BSM Development also provides complete turnkey product development services as well as design and development services for several specialized aspects of product creation. With thirty years of experience in the software business, especially in the areas of operating systems, file systems and databases, program editor design, program archiving and versioning, client/server and Web-based systems, user interfaces, data storage and retrieval and document searching and retrieval, no project is beyond our scope.

Finally, we are thoroughly versed in all aspects of porting software across multiple Operating System and hardware platforms. We can port existing software to another platform or provide direction to build software that easily ports right from day one. We have successfully produced systems that run common code for the majority of the functionality on top of a small kernel interface on Solaris, Berkeley Unix, Linux, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell Netware and MacOS. Hardware supported included 32- and 64-bit machines with big-endian and little-endian storage.