Much of the work involved with setting up a system can revolve around the installation and configuration of critical packages. Often the building of a complete system must include not only the OS but key packages such as databases, compilers, mail handlers, system management components, etc.

BSM Development has built many systems that utilize software components of this nature. We are especially familiar with the variety of freeware packages provided by the open source community. Several of these packages are valuable additions to a system but their installation documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Especially in this case, having an experienced installer to put them on your system can ensure trouble-free operation.

We literally have hundreds of pages of notes about time-tested procedures that can be used to install the most popular (i.e most useful) packages. Package installation goes smoothly and quickly and the installed package works when it is brought up.


Once a package, such as one of the freeware packages mentioned above, is installed, it may need extensive configuration to make it really useful. Frequently, a complete setup will require the writing of a number of scripts, used as glue to stick various components together into a viable system, or to ensure automatic, unattended operation of the system. At BSM Development, reliable, unsupervised operation of systems is one of our goals, whenever possible. We strive to produce systems that are useful, over time, but that require little or no intervention by humans in their day-to-day operation.

Some examples of the kind of package configuration that BSM Development has undertaken are: