If you are setting up a new network or wish to upgrade or enhance your existing network, we can carry out all or part of the work. We have the equipment to install wiring and cabling, including pulling through existing conduit, fishing through walls and ceilings and surface mounting. If new conduit or EMT must be installed, we have experienced installers along with bending and threading equipment that allows us to install all sizes from 1/2" to 3" in either conduit or EMT.

Field termination of wiring and cabling is no problem and we can install terminal blocks and/or patch panels to meet your requirements. Rack mounting is possible or custom enclosures can be fabricated in our sheet metal shop (48" box and pan break; 36" slip roll; shear; plasma cutter; MIG and spot welding capability) in carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless.

BSM Development has experience specifying, installing and setting up network bridges, routers and switches. We can take care of locating these devices at the appropriate points in the network, routing power to them and cabling them into the network. For non-wired solutions, we prefer powerline bridges (from a security standpoint) but wireless is also a possibility.

Our software and networking knowledge can be applied to setting up routing tables, virtual LANs and other network features on routers and managed switches, as well as firewalls on routers. We can also assist with packet filtering and the implementation of DMZs for secure WAN servers, not to mention the configuration of VPNs on both local and remote nodes.