BSM Development is very familiar with many of the popular operating systems and can install them on the hardware platform of your choice in whatever configuration is possible.

We have set up machines to run all of the Windows operating systems, many of the Unix varieties such as BSD, SCO and SunOS, most of the Linux versions such as RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu and CentOS, as well as Novell Netware. Hardware, network and device driver configuration can easily be taken care of by us.

In addition, we are capable of making alterations to these operating systems to enhance performance, support new devices or take advantage of expanded resources. We can make changes to existing, previously-installed operating systems or when a new OS is set up. We have even gone so far, in the past, as to modify device drivers to support new hardware, and/or recompile the kernel to make the changes available.

If you'd like, an operating system can be pre-built on the hardware platform of your choice, prior to delivery. The configuration can be tested and debugged untill it is working perfectly. When you receive the pre-configured system, just plug it in and go. Alternately, BSM Development can install the OS on your equipment in situ and configure it to work with all the other systems and hardware in your specific environment.