BSM Development's networking experience stretches back to the early seventies, even before networking as we now know it existed. We cut our teeth on large teleprocessing systems that implemented remote computing on mainframe computers for thousands of customers. Since that time, we have constantly been involved in the evolution of communications methods and protocols and are intimately familiar with all aspects of networking as it has come to exist. This thorough grounding in all things network allows us to really put networking to work for you in whatever manner you require.

If you would like BSM Development to apply its knowledge of networks and protocols, messaging, clients and services, networking hardware and network management technology to any products that you might have under development, that must take advantage of networking, please contact BSM Development and describe how you think we can help you, along with your contact information.

Every facet of networking is within our purview, from the interconnection of physically networked devices up to and including the networking software. Beginning with the transport layer, we can help you design and construct networked software that smoothly handles your product's networking needs. Should you wish to design your software to be gentle towards the network or be network-aware, we can assist you there. Reduction of network loads through protocol optimization is a subject that we are quite at home with. Often, the right kind of adjustments to the data flowing through the network can lead to substantial performance improvements and/or obviate the need to increase network capacity, thereby improving service and saving money.

Network-awareness is a feature that can make a product much more useful. BSM Development has produced products in the past that did discovery, allocation and utilization of networked resources through several techniques including service advertising, the use of well-known ports and dynamic resource registration. The kinds of resources that our networked products were able to utilize encompassed both hardware and software and the network clients themselves included both end-users as well as other autonomous software.

We understand the various methods used for networked communication and the protocols involved. In the software that we develop, we can employ guaranteed delivery methods or datagrams to meet your product design requirements. In some cases, store-and-forward messaging might be appropriate and we know how to use existing email delivery mechanisms to accomplish this. We are also extremely well-versed in the use of RPC-like mechanisms such as SOAP to implement client/server applications, even to the point of having, at one time, written a complete, platform-independant RPC mechanism layered on top of four different underlying network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk and named-pipes).

BSM Development can also help you to put to use the various network services, such as packet filtering, masquerading and Virtual Private Networks, in the systems that you implement. We even understand the famously inscrutable sendmail and how to make it work for you. As a case in point, we are the authors of a mail filtering package that processes all email messages passing through a system.

When it comes to networking, BSM all but wrote the book on the subject (and we're working on that too, actually). We feel certain that we will be able to offer you elegant, working solutions to all of your networked software problems.