BSM Development, through its sister company Sentient House, builds whole house control systems that network many household appliances and functions together and provide an external Web-based interface for remotely controlling the house and examining its status.

Using the knowledge thereby gained, we can assist you with design and development projects that involve networking nontraditional devices (often, the right kind of software glue is all that is required to interconnect such devices) and/or attaching sensors and controls to servers through A/D and D/A interfaces. If you are contemplating such a project and think we might be of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact BSM Development and describe your project needs, along with your contact information.

At BSM Development, we believe that you cannot build solid control systems without a thorough understanding of the underlying equipment being controlled, as well as the traditional, generic control techniques used to run equipment of that particular nature. A firm grip of the fundamentals of the processes running on the equipment is also essential.

We have a long track record of building electrical control systems for homes and industrial equipment (some examples can be seen at the Sentient House Web sites). We have in depth knowledge of electronic and electrical power controls (both single phase and three phase), pneumatics and hydraulics as well as many sensor types. We can apply this knowledge to interface your systems to many kinds of equipment.

Our extensive work in the networking field provides us with the know-how needed to connect equipment to a network using any one of the popular protocols. Any gear that has built-in network capability can be directly connected, perhaps in conjunction with some support software installed on a sister server. Other kinds of gear can be interfaced to a server through A/D and/or D/A peripherals and off-the-shelf or custom data acquistion software can be supplied to operate it.

We can write software that accumulates sensor information and presents it to the network via a number of different interfaces. We can also write software that controls attached devices in real time, based on sensor inputs and operational criteria. Graphical user interfaces that present system status and allow local or remote control can be supplied, including Web-based ones.

Finally, BSM Development specializes in producing application programming interface libraries for esoteric devices, to make your life easier. We figure out all of the critical commands to control the device and present you with a simple, intuitive interface library that your programmers can call to get the job done. Or, if you prefer, device drivers for custom devices are also within our capabilities.