BSM Development's consulting capabilities include the complete design of systems from requirements gathering, through specifications and top-level architecture, down to individual component design. We can get your project started by acting in an advisory or consultative role on any software or hardware project where you need our specific expertise, supplying your programmers with all of the designs they need to build the product.

A good product design is the foundation upon which the entire product rests. If the design is wrong, the architecture poor or functionality missing, your first and best chance to win over your customers can be squandered. BSM Development can bring our years of design experience to bear on your product requirements to translate them into a solid design and architecture which your development team can use. Already have a design and architecture? Let us give you the benefit of our hard-won wisdom to identify pitfalls and eliminate problems before they become costly mistakes.

We can also assist you with evaluation of hardware and/or software for both large and small systems, including networks, storage subsystems, processor selection and configuration and choosing an Operating System. BSM Development has extensive experience in configuring hardware and software for optimum performance in high demand situations. We are familiar with the issues involved in handling terabytes of data as well as the problems encountered in properly loading symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessors. Arranging software and hardware, as well as data flows, to elicit optimum performance from limited bandwidth communication links is another area where BSM Development has the right knowledge for the job. We can also apply our knowledge of systems and procedures to ensure that you don't make costly decisions in the dark and that you don't select systems that will flat out, not work in your situation.

We are sure you've heard that its a jungle out there and this is certainly true in the computer business today. Viruses and other malicious programs abound and are rapidly sent around the world via Internet. Hackers try to crack into systems for sport and real criminals are always looking for ways to break into a system for theft purposes or to use them for denial of service attacks. Your systems and your data need somebody who is constantly vigilant, looking out for them.

BSM Development also consults on security requirements and can suggest and/or implement systems and procedures to secure your assets from theft or compromise. We are particularly expert in the fields of encryption, virus and spam filtering (e.g. one of the products that we sell is MailCorral, an email virus/spam filter) and document control. Our assistance doesn't stop with designing and planning ahead, however. BSM Development can also step in after an incident takes place to provide forensic analysis as well as to make recommendations on problem resolution and future problem avoidance.

When it comes to the burgeoning world of free software, there is a lot of good stuff out there and much of it can be extremely useful to your business. How do you choose software that works, however, and make sure that it won't, in the long run, cost more than the money you save? BSM Development has used free software for many years and has even contributed to the development of several open source packeages. We are familiar with many of the most popular packages, as well as some of the more obscure ones. We know where to look for the best packages and how to install and support them. If you need help with freeware, consider BSM Development for your selection and support needs.