One of our company philosopies is to write everything down, as we go along. When we figure something out, we make copious notes. The reasons are twofold: 1) when we return to something many months or even years later, we'll have everything we need to pick up where we left off; 2) if we have to do something again, we'll be all that much faster at it. An ancillary reason is that many things are such trouble to figure out, we wouldn't want anybody to have to do it even once.

A nice side benefit of this propensity to document is that we make our notes, etc. available to you to assist you in your software development efforts. This section includes installation notes, sample code, documentation, tech notes, and papers. We hope that you will find some or all of it useful. One of the great beauties of the Internet is that it allows the sharing of information such as this so easily.

The Documentation section contains product documentation, manual pages, etc., for all of our products. You can review the documentation here, for any of the products before you download them.

The section on Installation Notes contains notes that we make, as we go about installing software, configuring systems, etc. Mostly it serves to jog our memory when we have to do something over again. None of it is particularly original or brilliant, just another take on an old problem but it may be useful to anyone attempting to do an installation of a similar nature.

The Tech Notes section contains technical notes about various problems or behaviour, that we have discovered during the course of our development work, which we feel may be of interest to people. We often include resolutions to these problems. Many of them were discovered the hard way. Our wish is that the next person will not have to go through the same aggravation that we have had to go through.

The section of Sample Code contains useful pieces of code that you might wish to use for Web pages. We know we've seen at least fifty sample button press examples on various Web pages so why did we have to write our own? You be the judge. Stuff that works and was written from the point of view of thirty years of experience. invisible