SpamCorral Documentation

Eric Wilde,

V1.0.9, 2009 Nov 15

This document shows how to install the spam handling utilities found in the SpamCorral package onto your system to work in conjunction with your mail filtering software. It describes how to configure the programs and set them up to run attended. Information about the operation of the programs in this product suite is also provided.

0. Preface

0.1 Copyright

0.2 Distribution

0.3 Contributions

0.4 Change Log

1. Installation

1.1 Requirements

1.2 Configure the Spam Handlers

1.2.1 Untar the Distribution

1.2.2 Run "configure"

1.2.3 Sharing Defaults

1.2.4 Configure the Spam Notifier

1.2.5 Configure the Message Remailer

1.2.6 Test the Spam Handlers

1.3 Create a Spam Handler Robot

1.4 Configure Sendmail

1.5 Alternative to Message Handler Robot

1.6 Set up Periodic Notifications, Etc.

2. Spam Notifier

2.1 Description

2.2 How it Works

2.2.1 Input

2.2.2 Output

2.3 Command Line Parameters

3. Spam Remailer

3.1 Description

3.2 How it Works

4. Interoperability

4.1 Working With MailCorral

A. GNU Free Documentation License