BSM Development often creates useful programs, utilities and system extensions during the course of our work on various consulting projects. We retain the rights to the products that are not specifically the property of the client and those that we deem especially useful are made available to programming and user community.

Our products include high-capacity email, virus and spam filters, spam handling utilities, email archivers, document classifiers and email validation suites. In these areas, we offer a range of products aimed at production Unix and Linux shops, that are meant to provide real-world virus and spam protection. Their focus is on robustness, security and high performance.

On the development productivity and tools side, we offer a set of controls aimed at Web 2.0 developers. They include several different types of menus (tabbed, block, tree, standard text and page) that all interoperate with one another (our Web pages use the block, text and page menus, incidentally) plus a number of useful controls (multi-column listbox, combo box, calendar, indexed listbox, parnorama, push button) and a general-purpose tooltip method. Support for using these tools with the popular Web programming languages PHP and Perl is also offered in the form of wrapper routines that implement all of the controls plus grayed, toggled and hidden forms. Building fully-functional Web applications with these tools is a snap.

Several of our products are available for free while the others are available for a modest fee. The downloads page lists all of the products and their current pricing.

Should you perceive any of the freeware to be of value and of use to you, we always appreciate a small contribution to pay for future development and maintenance. On the download page, we suggest an amount that we feel is reasonable for each product. Feel free to send whatever amount you think the product is worth to you. If you have already downloaded a product for evaluation, before contributing, and you'd like to make a contribution now, you can do so directly on the contributions page.