Thank-you for deciding to make a contribution to BSM Development. We appreciate any contributions that you make. If you are contributing in response to trying one of our products, we are glad that you perceive it to be worthwhile enough to make a contribution and we hope that you continue to find it useful to you. As a guideline to how much you might want to contribute, we have listed what we think each of our products is worth. If you feel like contributing the suggested amount for any product that you use, wonderful! However, you may contribute whatever amount you feel comfortable with (caveat: if you contribute anything, a minimum of US $2.00 is the least practical amount, since this covers the transaction fees and leaves roughly a dollar for us).

If, after using our products, don't find them to be worthwhile, drop us a note at BSM Development describing what we can do to make them more useful. We're always open to suggestions for ways to improve our products so let us know of any ideas you have. We'd like to make you happy. Furthermore, if you did send us a contribution and it turns out that any of our products are not satisfactory to you, let us know and we'll give you a refund.

Finally, if you'd like to fill in your email address below, we'll add you to our list for product updates. Any time that we find errors or make enhancements to our products, we'll drop you an email message and you can download a new version.

Here are our suggestions for amounts to contribute: for the Sendmail Filter, we suggest a contribution of US $100.00; for the Spam Handler, and Filter Validation Suite, we suggest a contribution of US $20.00 each; and for the Sendmail Redirector, we suggest a contribution of US $10.00. Of course, you can fill in whatever dollar amount you choose in the box below. Optionally, you can give us your email address, if you'd like to receive product updates. Thank-you for your contribution.

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When you're done filling in the information above, click the appropriate payment button below to complete the transaction. And, once again, thanks for your contribution.