What's in a name?

We all have our heros. To some, its Big Al (Einstein) while to others its the Bambino (Babe Ruth). And, in North America, there's been many a child who has grown up watching the comings and goings of the railroad in their home town and chosen their heros from among the men and women associated with that great industry. We were among those children.

To us, the railroads have long embodied the spirit that made this country great. They often fought apparently insurmountable odds such as geography and weather, ultimately winning against them to deliver goods and services to the people of the nation.

In the time we speak of, one of the truly great railroads was the Southern Pacific and on this railroad, there was a train that has been the stuff of legends for decades. This train was the BSM. Among those who know, the Blue Streak Merchandise was synonymous with speed, quality and service and the people behind the BSM (for we mustn't forget that it is dedicated, hard-working people who stand behind any successful enterprise) exhibited those qualities that can lead to hero worship.

When one chooses a name for a fledgeling company, a good deal of thought goes into the process. In an effort to honor an industry that evokes great admiration and the people of that industry who are truly heros, we have chosen to name our company after the BSM with the hope that we can achieve a reputation for service and quality that approaches that of the legendary BSM.

If you are interested in finding out more about the BSM, you might enjoy reading "Southern Pacific's Blue Streak Merchandise: 6 Decades of the Great American Freight Train" by Fred W. Frailey.