This page presents representative case histories of some of the projects that BSM Development has carried out over the years. We have been involved in the development of several large turnkey software products as well as other smaller projects. These are described herein for those who are interested in studying our methods.

License Manager

We were asked to build a server-based licensing manager that was to control the concurrent use of application licenses by networked workstations. The service component of the product was to reside on one or more networked servers running a variety of operating systems (Netware, Windows NT, Solaris, BSD). The clients of the service were to run on numerous networked workstations running several operating systems (Windows 95/98, NT, Mac OS, OS/2, Unix, DOS).

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Version Control System

Another project was to build a DOS/Windows/Unix-based version control system that provided all of the standard features of version control plus many other features that were ahead of their time, such as transparent archiving, branch merging, a graphical user interface and remote check in/out over the Internet.

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Document Manager

Our client had a system which received and processed tens of thousands of documents daily which were indexed and stored into a multi-terabyte document library. Each document was processed by a conversion program to change it into a common format, suitable for display by the client's system. Once a document was converted, it was examined by an editor, corrected if necessary, placed into a test system for viewing, iterated through the correction and test phases as many times as necessary to produce a viewable document and then built into a release for indexing. All of the above steps were done by hand by a large department of editors and assistants. The tools for editing consisted of a basic text editor and the edits were made directly to HTML documents.

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Online Payment of Tax Bills

Our customer was a local town that had a custom collections system for tax and utility bills, and parking tickets that was built on top of an Informix database and was written in Informix 4GL. The Treasurer's Office was quite happy with its performance and wished to keep the system but wanted to add the ability to make bill payments online, via the Internet.

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